Wave-To-Open Sensor with Manual Override Button - English

The ENFORCER Wave-To-Open Sensors use IR technology to request egress from a protected area or activate a device with the simple wave of a hand. Since no touch is required, this sensor is ideal for use in hospitals, clinics, labs, cleanrooms (to reduce the risk of contamination), schools, factories, or offices. The SD-927PKC-NEVQ adds a manual override button. Also available with Spanish (SD-927PKC-NSQ, SD-927PKC-NSVQ)

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Dual voltage, 12~24 VAC/VDC
• Range adjustable from 23/8″-8″ (6~20 cm)
• Stainless steel single-gang plate
• 3A relay, adjustable from 0.5~30 sec, toggle, or as long as hand is near the sensor
• LED illuminated sensor area for easy identification
• Quick connect screw-less terminal block
• Selectable LED colors (turns from red to green or green to red) when activated
• Adds manual override button as a backup to the sensor


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