Vibration Detector (White)

The ENFORCER SS-040Q MINI SHOCK/VIBRATION DETECTOR is designed for protection against forced entry by a hammer, saw, crowbar, etc. through walls, ceilings, windows, safes, cabinets, etc. For use in closed-circuit alarm systems, the SS-040Q will initiate an alarm when a vibration of considerable force strikes the protected surface. A built-in tamper switch is independently wired from the vibration detector for enhanced security.

Vibration contacts are adjustable by turning an adjustment screw to respond on any surface – glass, wood, steel, plasterboard, or brick. Pure silver contacts with gold plating ensure years of long-term operation. Its dust-tight ABS case is small and can be easily mounted inside with double-sided adhesive tape.

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  • Use in closed-circuit alarm systems
  • Detects shock to window glass, walls, or ceilings
  • Pure silver contact with gold plating assures reliable, long-term operation
  • Built-in tamper switch for complete security
  • Contact pressure: Adjustable from 1 to 50 grams, recommended setting between 5 and 25 grams
  • Contact rating: 1.0A at 50VDC
  • Life: Over 100,000 contacts
  • Size: 5/8“x7/8“x23/8” (15x21x60 mm)
Circuit Normally-closed contact, momentarily open when activated
Contact Pressure Adjustable from 1 to 50 grams but recommended setting between 5 and 25 grams only. Supplied with pressure of approx. 6 grams
Relay Rating 1A @ 50VDC
Break Time Approx. 45 ms max. (at 6-gram pressure)
Life Over 100,000 contacts
Contacts Pure silver
Case ABS resin
Color White
Dimensions 5/8″ x 7/8″ x 2-3/8″ (15 x 21 x 60 mm).
Weight 20 g

Product Information Sheet (PI)


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