Keyless Entry and Alarm System

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Miniature Alarm Brain

  • All-modular connections eliminating hardwaring
  • Patented Q.Q.T. (Quick and Quiet Test) ensures alarm is working properly
  • Patented Fail-Safe arming verifies the alarm will arm
  • Phase ll Protection

Two 4-Button, 2-Channel “Icon” Remotes

  • Easy to read icons make understanding the alarm simple
  • Up to 200 feet range. 68 billion possible codes
  • Code learning makes it easy to add new remotes. Learn up to 4 remotes. RF CodeWash automatically deletes lost or stolen remotes every time a new remote is programmed
  • Separate arm, disarm, and panic buttons
  • Aux. button (*) controls chirp delete, sensor bypass, and channel 2.

124 dB Multi-Tone Siren

  • Small, 6-tone, 124dB, no “toy” sounds

Dual-Stage Shock Sensor (Patented)

  • Separate pre-intrusion & trigger adjustments

7-Function LED

  • LED indicates arming status, armed, disarmed, valet mode,triggered zone ID, triggered zone recall, and RF transmitter reception

Multi-Function Push Button

  • Activates/Deactivates valet mode
  • For emergency disarming, code learning, and programing

Door Lock Outputs(+/-reversing)

  • Ignition controlled door locking & unlocking (separate)
  • Driver priority door unlock output
  • Double pulse unlock

Starter Disable (-output)

  • Normally Open/Normally Closed circuit programmable.
  • Automatic Starter Disable (ASD) feature disables starter after 10 minutes for customers who want extra protection in activearming mode

Dome Light Supervision (-output)

  • Turns vehicle’s interior lights on for 30 seconds
  • Flashes interior lights when triggered.

12 Programing Functions

  • Passive/active arming, chirp/no chirp, SecureLock on/off, ignition-controlled door locks on/off, steady or pulsed (horn) output on siren wire, door error chirps on/off, ASD on/off, 0.7/3.5 seconds door lock timing, double pulse unlock on/off, passenger unlock/pulsed horn output, N.O. or N.C. starter disable output.
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