DIP-Switch Coded Transmitter

The ENFORCER DIP-Switch Coded Transmitter uses a DIP switch to set the code. Suitable for applications requiring large numbers of transmitters with identical codes. A secured site might want all engineers on a project to have access to the same buildings, while another working group might need access to a different set. Similarly, a gated community might want to have one code for all residents, with the ability to change the code if transmitters are lost or stolen.

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  • Use for “block coding” (Multiple transmitters programmed to the same code)
  • Frequency 315MHz*
  • Operates up to 500ft (150m)†
  • LED Transmission and low battery indicator
  • Includes 3VDC lithium battery (CR-2032)
  • Compatible with all 315MHz SK-series receivers
  • Coding by 8-pin DIP switch providing 256 combinations
  • Easily pocketable pendant with golden key ring
*434MHz version also available – SK-939T1-GBDQ
† Actual range will vary greatly depending on the installation and operating environment
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