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    4-Button Transmitter


    Model Number: SK-919TP4JQ

    Compatible with: E-300L, E-100LB and SLI 840

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    Cigarette Lighter Adapter Socket for DC-200GQ Dashboard Camera


    Model Number: DC-ACC-CS1Q

    Specifically designed for the Dashboard Camera, model DC-200GQ, the ENFORCER cigarette lighter adapter socket is installed directly to the fuse box giving a separate socket for connecting accessories such as a DashCam equipped with a standard cigarette lighter power plug. This allows for cleaner installation, frees up the existing cigarette lighter, and is controlled by the ignition switch, thus ensuring accessories donu2019t remain powered and drain the battery when the vehicle is shut down.u00a0

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    Dashboard Camera – 1080p HD Video Recording


    Model Number: DC-200GQ


    u2022u00a0 Provide video evidence u00a0u2022u00a0 Prevent insurance fraud u00a0u2022u00a0 Keep visual record of accidents u00a0u2022u00a0 Capture scenic drives u00a0u2022u00a0 Document your travel and routeu00a0u00a0u2022u00a0 Video black boxu00a0u00a0u2022u00a0 Record vehicle audiou00a0u2022u00a0 Monitor employees and company fleet vehicles u00a0u2022u00a0 Monitor driving speed u00a0u2022u00a0 Protect your parked vehicleu00a0u2022u00a0 Use as backup camera to document accidentsu00a0u00a0u2022u00a0 Fight police tickets with video evidence u00a0u2022u00a0 Record lawbreakers u00a0u2022u00a0 Prevent vehicle abuse and misuseu00a0u00a0u2022u00a0 Report bad drivers u00a0u2022u00a0 Share events with friends. Example: Giant meteor!


    1080p Resolution
    Built-in GPS
    140u00ba Wide viewing angle
    3MP CMOS Sensor
    Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) – captures clear images even in strong backlight
    2.7″ 16:9 Widescreen display
    Remove from mount and use as a camera to take video or still images
    Store images and video on micro SD card (up to 32GB)
    Exports as MOV format
    HDMI Output
    G-Sensor for automatic file protection
    GPS Tracker logs camera location and speed while recording
    Playback using SL Dash Camera Player software, with integrated Google Mapsu2122

    u00a0u00a0u00a0 u00a0

    Playback Software

    PC. V1.1u00a0 u00a0 u00a0 u00a0Windows XP and above
    MAC. V1.1u00a0 u00a0u00a0Mac OS 10.6.4 and above

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    European-Style Pin Switch for vehicles


    Model Number: SS-066TL

    Pin Switch

    European-style pin switch with nylon/fiberglass shaft and brass body. Adjustable foru00a0different heights


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    Keyless Entry Vehicle Alarm System*


    Model Number: SLI 840

    *Special order item only. Contact SECO-LARM for more details.

    SECO-LARM’s SLI 840 RF keyless entry and alarm system is the perfect alarm for any vehicle security application. Use as a keyless entry system, or use the included siren and shock sensor for a complete, multi-featured alarm.

    Two 4-button RF transmitters
    –u00a0Ultra-slim design
    — 200u00a0ft. (60 meters) range. 68 Billion possible codes
    –u00a0Code-learn up to 4 RF transmitters. Codes stored inu00a0EEPROM
    –u00a0Chirp delete, zone and sensor bypass, panic via remote
    –u00a02nd channel output
    –u00a0Press the Lock button to:
    u00a0 u00a0Arm the alarm
    u00a0 u00a0Lock power door locks
    u00a0 u00a0Bypass an open zone
    –u00a0Press the Unlock button to:
    u00a0 u00a0Disarm the alarm
    u00a0 u00a0Unlock power door locks
    –u00a0Press the Auxiliary (*) button to:
    u00a0 u00a0Operate channel 2 (such as popping the trunk or rolling up the windows)
    u00a0 u00a0Silently arm or disarm the alarm
    u00a0 u00a0Bypass the alarm’s sensors
    –u00a0Press the Panic button to:
    u00a0 u00a0Turn the siren ON in an emergency
    –u00a0Features patented Q.Q.T, Fail-Safe Arming, and Phase-III Protection

    Dual-Stage shock sensor
    — Separate pre-intrusion and trigger adjustments
    — True Trigger bypasses sensors which trigger repeatedly
    124dB siren
    — 3-tone, no “toy” sounds
    Siren and horn honk output
    — Indicates armed, disarmed, pre-intrusion, and zone bypass
    — Horn honk output (+ or -). Honk horn and sound siren at the same time
    — Patented Stay-Safe Disarm
    7-function LED (included)
    — LED indicates alarm arming, armed and disarmed, valet mode, triggered zone recall and RF transmitter reception
    Multi-function push button (included)
    — Use to operate valet, emergency disarm, code learning, and programming
    Instant triggering with multiple trigger inputs
    Parking lights output
    — Flashes indicate armed, disarm, valet, pre-intrusion, sensor and zone bypass, trigger, and tamper
    Door lock outputs (+ or -)
    — Lock/unlock doors via remote, even while driving or in valet
    — Separate ignition-controlled door lock and door unlock
    — 2-step door unlock output
    — Double-pulse door unlock capability
    Starter disable output with relay socket
    Domelight supervision
    — Turns on for 30 sec. when disarming. Flashes when alarm is tripped
    — Ignition-controlled domelight (programmable)
    12 Programmable functions include:
    — Active/passive arming
    — Chirp/no chirp
    — 0.7/3.5-second door lock/unlock
    — Ignition lock on/off
    — Ignition unlock on/off
    — Secure lock on/off
    — True Trigger on/off
    — N.O./N.C. starter disable
    — Ignition controlled domelight on/off, and more

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    Power Door Lock interfaces with Programmable Delay for Vehicles


    Model Number: SR-5203A

    Power door lock interfaces.

    For alarms with no specific lock/unlock signals. One- or two-wire input. Built-in programmable (0.7/3.5-sec.) timer. Lock signal priority if lock and unlock signals received atu00a0same time
    Allows nearly any alarm to control nearly any type power door lock/unlocks
    Includes 2 pre-wired, built-in, heavy-duty 30A relays with protecting diodes and spike/noise suppressors
    Negative lock/unlock signal inputs

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