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  • Water Sensor

  • “L” Mounting Brackets for Photoelectric Beam Sensors

    Beam Sensor Accessories

    Model Number: E-931ACC-BLS7Q

    Compatible withu00a0E-936-S35RRGQ,u00a0E-936-S45RRGQ
    Mounts using sensor’s existing bracket

  • 45Ft Reflective Photoelectric Beam Sensor

    Reflective Beams

    Model Number: E-931-S45RRQ

    12~250 VAC/VDC.
    Weatherproof (IP66) construction foru00a0indoor/outdoor usage.
    Includes 3-inch round reflectoru00a0and hood.
    Pre-wired 6ft (2m) Cord.
    Bracket and mounting hardware included. Includes two sensoru00a0mounting brackets.
    Adjustable sensing distance and responseu00a0time – 5~100ms.

    Typical Applications

    Sensor for garage doors, outdoor gates oru00a0overhead doors.
    Sensor for industrial automation to detect objects onu00a0manufacturing line.
    Entry detection for store fronts.
    Assist in measuringu00a0parking distance.
    Alarm sensor.


  • Additional Wired Speaker

    Beam Sensor Accessories

    Model Number: E-931ACC-SQ

    Compatible withu00a0E-931CS22RRCQ only

    Additional speaker / electronic chime
    Use any standard stereo cord withu00a01/8″ stereo plug
    Includes 33ftu00a0speaker cable

  • Additional Wireless Speaker

    Beam Sensor Accessories

    Model Number: E-931ACC-SFQ

    Compatible withu00a0u00a0E-931CS22RFCQ only

    Additional speaker / electronic chime
    No wires required – up to 328ft (100m)

  • Entry Alert System & Counter

    Beam Sensor Accessories

    Model Number: E-931ACC-CQ

    Foru00a0E-931CS22RRCQ u00a0andu00a0 E-931CS22RFCQu00a0Only

    Automatically tracks how often the entry alert system is triggered
    Push buttons to manually add to or subtract from counter, or tou00a0reset to zero
    Plugs into speaker – no wiring needed
    Other applications: offices, schools, warehouse,u00a0vehicle detection, etc.

    Includes the following:

    Digital counter
    Mounting hardware
    Connection cord with plugs

  • Entry Alert System, 22ft

    Entry Alert Systems

    Model Number: E-931CS22RRCQ


    Retro-reflective design
    Perfect for monitoring an entrance or use as anu00a0entrance indicator
    Will make “ding-dong” sound or siren sound when the beamu00a0is interrupted
    Speaker volume can be adjusted oru00a0turned off
    When in siren mode, sounding time is adjustable from 3 tou00a030 sec.
    9VDC adapter included
    All components plug into each other. No hard wiring required. 32ft Cable from speakeru00a0to sensor
    Includes the following:

    NIR retro-reflective sensor.
    9VDC 200mA power adapter.u00a06ft cable
    u200b u00a0u200bTypical Applications:

    Safety sensor foru00a0garage doors
    Overhead doorsu00a0security sensor
    Entry detection foru00a0store front
    Other applications: offices, schools, warehouse, vehicleu00a0detection, etc.

  • Flush Mount Bracket for Photoelectric Beam Sensors

    Beam Sensor Accessories

    Model Number: E-931ACC-BLS6Q

    Compatible withu00a0E-936-S35RRGQ,u00a0E-936-S45RRGQ

  • Hood for Photoelectric Beam Sensor Reflectors

    Beam Sensor Accessories

    Model Number: E-931ACC-HR1Q

    Use with either circular oru00a0square reflectors
    Protects reflector from dirt and reduces interferenceu00a0with IR beam

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